The Luminal Universe

Luminal Universe is a graphics-driven science fiction project that uses Web3 technologies to place the user at the heart of a constantly evolving, community-based experience.

The Universe’s narrative (“lore”) and gameplay are based around 444 planets, with different landscapes and environments: the Luminal Genesis Worlds created by well-known Llamaverse artist Nathan Russell, and represented by an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.


To participate, you’ll need a Luminal Identity NFT – one of 1,444 characters, custom designed by another well-known digital artist, theartistspud. Luminal Identities belong to one of four species (human, AI, Cyborg and alien) and each have unique traits and appearance. Your Luminal Identity NFT is your pass to the Luminal Universe. Characters can be renamed, and their stats will develop and change according to events and experience in the Universe.


To assist your traversal of the Luminal Universe, you’ll probably want a means of building space ships. You’re able to convert Luminal Credits for these ships – the Luminal Fleet – in our shipyard. These ships have optional and customisable components, meaning you’ll be able to build your ship from the ground up. Ships can be bought and sold, and dismantled to regain the original credits in order to build new ship or upgrade existing.